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Nasibeh Teimouri's PhD Proposal Defense

Nasibeh will defend her PhD thesis proposal titled with "Improving Scalability of Chip-MultiProcessors with many ACCelerators" and affiliated with the project novel architectures for streaming applications next Thursday (Sep 29th) in 442 Dana starting at 10:30 AM.

Paper accepted at BIBE 2016

Congrats to Shen for their accepted [1] titled wih "Framework for Rapid Development of Embedded Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems" in BIBE2016. The paper is related to the project "Human in the Loop Cyber Physical Systems". Read more about this project here.

Paper accepted at ICCD 2016

Congrats to NUCAR members Amir Momeni and Professor Kaeli and ESL members Dr. Hamed Tabkhi and Professor Schirner on their accepeted paper, Hardware thread reordering to boost OpenCL throughput on FPGAs [1] in ICCD2016.

Paper accepted at RSP 2016

Congrats to Shen for their accepted [1] titled wih "EEGu2: An Embedded Device for Brain/Body Signal Acquisition and Processing". The paper is related to the project "Human in the Loop Cyber Physical Systems". Read more about this project here.

Congratulation to Dr. Hamed Tabkhi for His Faculty Position at UNC Charlotte

Conratulation to Dr. Hamed Tabkhi for his position (Assistant Professor) at  University of North Carolina at Charlotte starting from Fall 2016.   


Shen Feng's PhD Proposal Defense

Shen Feng will defend his PhD thesis proposal titled with "Holistic Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems Framework using Model Based Design" and affiliated with the project HLCPS next Monday (April 25th) in Banach TF starting at 3:00 PM.

Wenyu's MSc project defense

Congratulation to Wenyu Kui for his MSc project defense titled with Real-time Software Object Tracking for Video Surveillance. 


Chulian Zhang - MS These defense

Chulian Zhang will defend his master thesis titled with "Inter-warp Divergence Aware Execution on GPU" and affiliated with the project Computer Vision on GPU on next Thursday (April 14th) in 306 Egan starting at 11:00 AM.


Professor Schirner's talk at DATE 2016

Next week, March 14th - 18th, Prof. Schirner will be away in Dresden, Germany to attend Design, Automation, and Test Conference in Europe (DATE 2016). He will talk about the paper "Improving Scalability of CMPs with Dense ACCs Coverage" [1].

ESL Presentation at Northeastern ECE Ph.D. Student Seminar Series (NEPSSS)

Nasibeh as a representative of ESL for this NEPSSS week presents her work titled with "Revisiting ACC-based CMPs: Challenges and solutions" on Wednesday, Feb 24th (12:00PM to 12:30 PM). This presentation abstracts the materials published in [1] and [2] . You can find more details about the work here


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