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Professor Schirner's talk at ASPDAC 2015

Next week, Jan 19th - 24th, Prof. Schirner is away to attend ASPDAC in Chiba/Tokyo, Japan. He will present [1]  which is about Embedded Softwares. More about this work can be found here.

Congrats to Xiao on his MS project defense

Congrats to Xiao Zhao on his master project defence titled with "Design of an Interoperable Embedded Visualization" and affiliated with the project Human in the Loop Cyber Physical Systems.

Paper accepted at ISQED 2015

Congrats to Shen FengChrisJerediah and Hao on their accepeted paper, Rapid Heterogeneous Prototyping From Simulink [1]in ISQED2015 with influential helps of Professor Schirner.

Paper accepted at FPGA 2015

Congrats to NUCAR members Amir Momeni and Professor Kaeli and ESL members Hamed and Professor Schirner on their accepeted paper, Bridging Architecture and Programming for Throughput-Oriented Vision Processing[1]in FPGA2015.

Journal accepted at IET Computers & Digital Techniques

Congrats to Hamed and Majid for their accepted journal[1]  in the A Power-efficient Real-time Solution for Adaptive Vision (link) with  illustrious helps of Professor Schirner. The journal is related to the project "novel architecture for streaming applications".

Shen Feng and Prof. Schirner present HilCPS project at 5th annual CPS PI meeting

On Nov 6,7, Shen Feng and Prof. Schirner presented the research project HPCI at the 5th annual CPS PI meeting, you can find the video here. Thanks to all the HilCPS team for their contributions!


Paper accepted at ASPDAC 2015

Congrats to Jiaxing for his accepted paper in the 20th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference ASP-DAC 2015 (link).The paper is related to the project "the Integrating Algorithm Development and System-level Design". Read more about this project here.

Congrats to Jiaxing and Hamed on their Ph.D defences

Special congrats to Jiaxing and Hamed on their successful PhD defences on Monday, August 11th as the first PhD graduates of ESL.  The following photos are some snapshots of the greates moments there.

Congrats to Kasra on his M.Sc thesis defense

Congrats to Kasra for his successful MS thesis defense on the topic of performance estimation. You can read more about this project here

Professor Schirner's talk at COMPSAC 2014

Next week, July 21st -25th, Prof. Schirner is away to attend COMPSA in Västerås, Sweden. He will present SIROM [1] which is a Scalable Intelligent ROaming Multi-Modal Multi-Sensor Framework to facilities sensor fusion, distributed computing, communication and mobile services. More about this work can be found here. 


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