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From talking at DAC 2015 to attending EDA women party

Preparing for DAC poster and paper presentation started about 1 month and half before the time as our advisor, Professor Schirner wants us to learn how to present in public, how to manage time and how to get ready to answer the questions in a perfect way. Here, briefly I will share my experience making the presentation and poster, talking at DAC and finally the successful women whom I met there.

From Nvidia Interveiw to Little’s Law & Roofline Model

Last Thursday, I had my 4th interview for an architecture intern position in Nvidia. There were 3 interesting questions valuable to share; first two questions that they asked me, then the question that I asked them.


Questions from the interviewer:

Q1: Why GPU runs so many threads?

A1: To hide memory latency.


This question is actually easy, but the next one he asked really makes me “suffered”.


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