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Reducing Dynamic Dispatch Overhead (DDO) of SLDL-Synthesized Embedded Software

System-Level Design Languages (SLDL) allow component-oriented specifications, e.g. for separating computation and communication. This separation allows for a flexible model composition, refinement and explorations. This flexibility, however, requires dynamic dispatch during execution that degrades the simulation performance. After synthesized to a target platform, the model recomposition is no longer required. Then, the involved Dynamic Dispatch Overhead (DDO) only limits performance without providing benefits. Thus, approaches are needed for software synthesis to analyze model connectivity and eliminate the DDO wherever possible. This paper introduces astatic dispatch type analysis as part of the DDO-aware embedded C code synthesis from SLDL models. Our DDO-aware software (SW) synthesis emits faster, more readable static dispatch code whenever a static connectivity is determinable. By replacing virtual functions with direct function calls, the DDO can be totally eliminated allowing for aggressive inlining optimizations by the compiler. We demonstrate the benefits of the improved SW synthesis on a JPEG encoder, which runs up to 16% faster with DDO-reduction on an ARM9-based HW/SW platform. Our approach combines the flexibility benefits in specification modeling with efficient execution when synthesized to embedded targets.

Appeared in:
Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASPDAC)
Presentation Place:
Chiba/Tokyo, Japan
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