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Personal Active Learning

Year:  2011
Funding Agency: 
Analog Devices Inc

The goal of this project, PAL to integrate an active learning platform into the Northeastern University undergraduate ECE curriculum. The main goals of this effort will be: 1- To provide a standard design platform for ECE students to explore ECE concepts, 2- To allow students to leverage a common platform, removing the start-up transient present in many classes that utilize hands-on learning, 3- To allow students to continue experimenting outside of the classroom or laboratory and 4- To provide consistency across the curriculum.

Integrating a common active learning platform will have a multitude of benefits:

  • A common platform will reduce infrastructure overhead. By reducing the infrastructure overhead it will ease and thus increase utilizing practical experiments
  • It fosters integration of theory and practice inside and outside classroom
  • It facilitates student-centered vertical integration
  • Enhances student: ownership, autonomy, and motivation

This project is sponsored by Analog Devices and The House Foundation. 


Courses using PAL

  • EECE4534 Microprocessor-based Design (Gunar Schirner)
  • EECE3324 Computer Architecture and Organization (David Kaeli)
  • EECE5666 Digital Signal Processing (Vinay Ingle)
  • EECE2410 Circuits/Introduction to ECE (Nick McGruer, Deniz Erdogmus)
  • EECE7368 High-Level Design of Hardware Software Systems (Gunar Schirner)
  1. Ravel M, Schirner G, Kaeli DR. A Mobile Platform Approach to integrating active learing accross the EE/CE/ICT Engineering Curriculum. In: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Microelectronics Education. Grenoble, France; 2012.

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