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First of all, welcome to our group! This page takes you through some important steps you get you started.

1) Get an COE account

Check here for more information.


2) Request Access to our Lab (to enter door to the suite)

  1. Talk to your professor if you can have access to the lab. Only proceed if you got the OK.
  2. Safety Training. It only takes a few minutes (and is a university requirement).
    - Go to:
    - Log in with your NEU user name and password
    - Complete the online Safety Program Orientation. Select "Gunar Schirner" as a PI in the list.
  3. Fill out the "ECE Department Access Request Form" at:
    1.,  You will need COE username and password. Make sure to enter the following values.
      1. Faculty Member: Gunar Schirner
      2. "Are you requesting seating for this person?": Select "No" in most cases. This asks for a dedicated seat in the lab. Since we are short on space, we can only give out very few dedicated seats. Select "Yes" only if you have explictly talked aboutt this with your professor.
  4. What happens next?
    • Prof. Schirner approves request (and you will get an EHS confirmation email)
    • Steve Keane makes request to have your NUID enabled
    • Few days later you should have access.
    • If 5 days after receiving the EHS email, you still don't have access, please inquire with Steve Keane ( 

    Note that undergraduate students must be supervised by a graduate student in the lab.

Steps (1) and (2) are usually enough. Only proceed to steps (3) and onward only when instructed by Prof. Schirner.


3) Request access to nuForge group site

With your COE credentials, login here, then search for the project "esl", then request to "join the project", right side written in blue.

4) Request access to mailing list

Note that all members of the ESL mailing list automatically receive all TF emails (from the whole lab in 140TF)

Subscribe here for ESL mailing list. Subscribe here for TF mailing (Only needed for posting to TF list)

5) ESL Web Site Profile

Contact Nasibeh to get access to the website, create your profile page here (and personal page in case you need).

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