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ESL is located in Room R306 in 140 The Fenway, for contacting it please send an email to Professor Schirner (


Directions to 140 Fenway:
  • 140 The Fenway (Birds Eye View) is building 80 on NEU Campus Map . 

140TF Location

  Direction to ESL which is located on the 3rd floor in suite R306 (facing the Fenns):
  • Enter building from the parking lot side (west). Take elevator on your right to 3rd floor (first map).

  • Exit elevator (in the second map), turn left following into a corridor that looks as if you are in a different building, follow the corridor as it turns right. The door to R306, will be in the middle on your left side. 

  • The door to suite R306 can be unlocked by swiping your Husky Card (after getting access permissions). Please contact Professor Schirner if you need access. 

ESL Location

  • Inside R306, Pods 1 and 2 decorated with the following lovely plants belong to ESL.

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