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Next week, Jiaxing and Prof. Schirner attend the DAC 2014. We participate with one paper highlighting the possibilities of heterogeneous systems and their modelling using Multi2Sim [1] and with two posters and two posters.  One poster highlights Hamed's work on novel vision architectures [2], and the other Jiaxing's work on demand-driven specification generation from algorithm models  [3]


  1. R. Ubal, D. Schaa, P. Mistry, X. Gong, Y. Ukidave, Z. Chen, G. Schirner and D. R. Kaeli, Exploring the Heterogeneous Design Space for both Performance and Reliability, Design Automation Conference (DAC), San Francisco, CA, 2014

  2. H. Tabkhi, M. Sabbagh and G. Schirner, Guiding Power/Quality Exploration for Communication-Intense Stream Processing, San Francisco, USA, 06/2014

  3. J. Zhang and G. Schirner, Demand-Driven Granularity Tuning In Specification Synthesis, San Francisco, USA, 06/2014

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