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Welcome to the home page of the Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) at Northeastern University. The ESL research group was established by Professor Gunar Schirner in 2009. The lab is located at 140 The Fenway, Boston, MA. The members are affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University.

The group has three main research thrusts: (1) System-Level Design Automation, (2) Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Design, and (3) Novel Architectures Solutions for Embedded Vision. Find more about our exciting research here.

To be more inclusive, our laboratory can also be referred to as ESL3 since the acronym ESL appears three times: 1) Embedded Systems Laboratory - the name of the laboratory; 2) Electronic System Level design automation - our research focus; and 3) English as a Second Language - the diverse cultures and languages of our group members. 

Shen Feng's PhD Proposal Defense

Shen Feng will defend his PhD thesis proposal titled with "Holistic Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems Framework using Model Based Design" and affiliated with the project HLCPS next Friday (April 14th) in Banach TF starting at 3:00 PM.

Nasibeh Teimouri's PhD Proposal Defense

Nasibeh will defend her PhD thesis proposal titled with "Improving Scalability of Chip-MultiProcessors with many ACCelerators" and affiliated with the project novel architectures for streaming applications next Thursday (Sep 29th) in 442 Dana starting at 10:30 AM.


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