Stephan Rohrbach

Visiting scholar

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Hannover, Germany

I have got the opportunity to work in Prof. Epstein´s Lab as an exchange student (Molecular Microbiology M. Sc.)  from Hannover, Germany as part of the ISAP programm of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

My research is based on the work of Violetta Medik and I focus on a side branch of her project, in which I study the co-agreggation of bacteria from the oral cavity of humans. During recent studies it´s becoming clear that volatile organic compounds play a significant role in the physiology of oral bacteria, therefore it is interesting to evaluate if these compounds could have an effect on the co-aggregation, which is the primary cause of biofilms on teeth and oral tissue and ultimately could lead to teeth diseases.

If you want a pretty smile, don´t forget the volatile´!

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The work is full of joy, but in every well-working relationship, each partner needs his on life. Therefore, while my friends enjoy their media pool-party at Caribbean temperatures, I try to follow an active life style with running and outdoor exercises. Besides hiking, canoeing, and traveling I like to spend time with my non-bacterial friends and, although science is very brain-demanding, I like learning/ improving new languages and visiting theatre plays.

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