Tucker Marion

The Sam and Nancy Altschuler Faculty Fellow and Bornstein Endowed Faculty Fellow, Professor of Technological Entrepreneurship

Tucker Marion studies how new technology is changing the field of rapid prototyping. He is the founder of Flashpoint Development Inc., where he has been since 2004. It is a boutique product development consulting firm. Prior to that he served as Co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Innovation Factory Inc. and New Model Project Manager at Visteon Corporation. Both positions focused on new product development in the technology sector.

Research Area

Professor Marion’s research is centered on lean innovation and digital design. Specifically, he studies how firms, both new and established, can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their innovation process. Research topics include the use of digital design tools, rapid prototyping, IT for collaboration, product architecture, and globalization.

Recent Publications

  • Marion, T., Friar, J., and Dunlap, D., (2012). “Instilling the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your R&D Team: What Large Firms Can Learn from Successful Start-ups?” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 59 (2), pg. 323 – 337 http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5940218
  • Marion, T, Fixson, S., and Meyer, M.H., (2012). “The Problem with Digital Design,” Sloan Management Review, Summer, 53:4, pp. 63–68.http://sloanreview.mit.edu/the-magazine/2012-summer/53403/the-problem-with-digital-design/

External activities

Professor Marion has held positions in engineering and manufacturing in the auto industry, and has also started or co-founded several companies. He has directed the development effort for over 100 projects, including electronics and consumer products. He routinely consults with companies — both new and established — on how to improve their innovation processes.