Kimberly Eddleston

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Research Area

Family Business and Entrepreneurial Careers

Professor Eddleston’s primary research area is the study of family businesses and how the family can help or hinder business success. She also is known for her work on entrepreneurial careers and particularly the unique ways that women approach entrepreneurship and manage their businesses.

Recent Publications

  • Eddleston, K. A. and Powell, G.N.,(2013). “Linking Family-To-Business Enrichment and Support to Entrepreneurial Success: Do Female and Male Entrepreneurs Experience Different Outcomes?” Journal of Business Venturing, 28 (2), pg. 261–280.
  • Eddleston, K.A., Kidwell, R.E., Cater III, J.J., and Kellermanns, F.W., (2013). “How One Bad Family Member Can Undermine a Family Firm: Preventing the Fredo Effect.”Business Horizons, 56 (1), pg. 5–12.

External Activities

Professor Eddleston has worked with family businesses in the U.S. and Europe. She is regularly invited to speak at family business conferences and centers for family business to help family businesses manage family relationships and prepare the next generation for leadership. Additionally, she leads a Small Business Management & Growth course at Northeastern University that centers on small business consulting projects. Under her leadership, student teams have assisted more than 100 small businesses.