Karthik Krishnan

Thomas Moore Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Finance and Insurance

Research Area

Entrepreneurial Finance, venture capital, and innovation

Professor Krishnan’s research analyzes how entrepreneurial financiers such as venture capitalists and angel investors can add value to startups. His research is also related to the determinants of innovation in startup firms and how innovation is affected by financing choices.

Recent Publications

  • Krishnan, K., Nandy, D. K., and Puri, M.(2013), “Increased Access to Financing and Productivity”, Working paper
  • Chemmanur, T., Hull, T., and Krishnan, K. (2013). “Do Local And International Venture Capitalists Play Well Together? A Study of International Venture Capital Investments.” Working paper.
  • Chemmanur, T. J.,   Krishnan, K., and Nandy, D. K., (2011). “How does Venture Capital Financing Improve Efficiency in Private Firms? A Look beneath the Surface.” Review of financial studies, 24(12), pg. 4037–4090.
  • Chemmanur, T. J.,   Krishnan, K., and Nandy, D. K. (2010) “How Do Venture Capitalists Create Value for Entrepreneurial Firms? A Review of the Literature.”  Companion to Venture Capita, Douglas J. Cumming, ed.,Wiley. (Book Chapter)