Justin B. Craig

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Research Area: Family Business

Dr. Craig’s research focuses on entrepreneurial multi-generational family enterprises and those responsible for their stewardship. His empirical studies focus on relationships among strategic orientation constructs (such as brand identity, entrepreneurial orientation, stewardship climate, market orientation, and attitudes toward the natural environment), innovativeness, and comparative measures of firm performance. Notable among his conceptual work has been the investigation of the role of issue selling by next generation family members while his application of the strategic measurement and management tool, the Balanced Scorecard, to family firms has been widely recognized and is ongoing.

Recent Publications:

  • Craig, J.B. and Eberhard, M.,(2012). “The Evolving Role of Organisational and Personal Networks in International Market Venturing.” Journal of Family Business Strategy.http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jwb.2012.07.022
  • Craig, J. B., Ling, Y., and Baldridge, D., (2012). “The Impact of Family Structure on Issue Selling by Successor Generation Members in Family Firms.” Journal of Family Business Strategy, 3 (4), pg.220–227. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jfbs.2012.10.002

External activities:

Prior to pursuing a career in academe, Justin worked with and for business families in various capacities for almost a decade and was involved in several entrepreneurial ventures.

Prior to pursuing a career in academe, Dr.Craig worked with and for business families in various capacities for almost a decade. As well, with his brother, he was subsequently involved in multiple entrepreneurial ventures. He currently acts in an ongoing advisory capacity to several families whose members have graduated from his family business classes. He also ensures his research is “practically relevant” through his ongoing facilitation of training to family business leaders, their consultants and advisors.