John Friar

Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship

Research Area

Technological Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Professor Friar is a business and technology strategy professor. His research focuses on the issues of commercializing new technologies, especially radical innovations, as well as the concerns related to the role entrepreneurship plays in economic development. He has worked at both the macro (economic policy) and micro (technology transfer, sales and marketing) levels of entrepreneurship.

Recent Publications

  • Friar, J., Dunlap, D., and Marion, T., (2012). “Instilling the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your R&D Team: What Large Firms Can Learn from Successful Start-ups?” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 59 (2), pg. 323 – 337
  • Friar, J. (2011). “Recovering from a Recession: the Role of startups”. Pioneer Institute White Paper Series (78), 13.

External Activities

Professor Friar has been on the starting teams or boards of nine companies, Hamilton Technologies, Bostech, Wavelogix, OpenMobile WW, CHA, Inc, OmegaBand, Global Data Technologies, Wastech, and GDP Technologies. His most recent company has raised $5 million and employs 30 people.