Cheryl Mitteness

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Research Area

Entrepreneurship decision process and angel finance

Professor Mitteness’s research focuses on the impact of external influences on the decisions made in the entrepreneurship process. The objective of her research is to assist both entrepreneurs and the individuals or organizations supporting entrepreneurs, to correct errors in their decision process or in the assistance provided.

Recent Publications

  • Mitteness, C., Cardon, M., and Sudek, R., (2012). “The Importance Angels Place on Passion when Making Investment Decisions: Why does it matter to some and not all angels?” Journal of Business Venturing, 27(5), pg.592–606.
  • Mitteness, C., Baucus, M., and Sudek, R., (2012). “Horse vs. Jockey? How Investment Opportunity Beliefs and Industry Experience Affect Angel Investing Decisions.” Venture Capital: An international journal of entrepreneurial finance, 14(4), pg. 241–267.