IDEA Management Team

The Management Team is made up of undergraduate students who are responsible for running the program including organizing events, acquiring resources, and promoting IDEA to Northeastern and the outside community.


IDEA’s team of Coaches consists of highly motivated students and recent graduates who work to help Ventures through the business planning process. IDEA Specialty Coaches work on specific topics with Ventures while Senior Coaches help with overall business planning and analysis. Coaches meet with ventures on a regular basis and encourage them to move forward, suggesting resources that might be helpful and helping them secure them. IDEA’s ventures come from across campus with great business ideas but no formal business training; coaches are trained to help these ventures soar.


Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals that work with Ventures to help make them successful.  Mentors apply their experiences and expertise to help Ventures overcome the challenges that are involved with creating a successful Venture.


Advisors are specialists who assist Ventures in specific technical areas such as human resources, finance, publicity, marketing, and more.

Service Providers

IDEA works closely with a number of companies to provide in-kind services to our Ventures. These strategic partnerships help Ventures accelerate as resources are plugged in to meet their needs. Our Service Providers help Ventures develop partnership agreements, incorporate their companies, protect their intellectual property, comply with tax regulations, create branding and marketing strategies, and manage the requirements of a growing company.

Business Planning Process

IDEA Ventures develop their businesses around the standardized IDEA Business Planning Guide which was developed by Marc Meyer and the IDEA team. The Business Planning Guide is designed to be used by every type of entrepreneur, whether they have a business background, and engineering background, or a psychology background.

Seminars and Workshops

IDEA holds seminars and workshops every week.  Coaches, mentors, and service providers conduct these events, which are designed to address the business planning and development needs of all our ventures.  The learning never stops with workshop and seminars designed to address the most common and pervasive challenges any venture faces.