Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation Valuation, and Private Equity

This course will cover qualitative and quantitative aspects of entrepreneurial finance, such as venture capital and angel financing. The structure of the course will follow the firm’s life cycle, with modules on valuation, raising capital, security choice, and the structure and valuation of exit decisions in the presence of information uncertainty. We will have the opportunity to analyze the role of financial contracts in addressing information and incentive problems in such uncertain environments, which is typical for entrepreneurial firms. The course will use a combination of case discussions and lectures. Casework will emphasize the practical aspects of qualitative and quantitative issues related to venture capital financing, entrepreneurship, and innovation from the perspective of the financier and the start-up firm. The aim of the course is to prepare students for careers connected to entrepreneurial finance, for example as budding entrepreneurs or as venture capitalists as well as others who may become involved with new ventures.