The Entrepreneurs Club runs many programs for varying interests across the student body:

Weekly Get Togethers

The entire club has a weekly get together every Tuesday evening at 7pm in Curry Mezzanine where speakers, hands on activities, and networking are integrated into every weekly. Plus, dinner is served!

The Husky Startup Challenge (Saturday workshops)

The goal of the HSC is for students to develop functioning businesses and plans to grow.  Supporting this is a series of bootcamps where students teach other students – using what they think are the best materials from their Entrepreneurship classes. In a final Demo Day, participants compete to win $5,000 in cash prizes, twice a year.

The Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

EIP is a student run initiative that connects growing companies with an enthusiastic student panel through a semester-long project, a consulting project with local startups.

iMadeIT (Saturday code camps)

iMadeIT is a series of workshops designed to teach and inspire students to learn the basics of Web development. Who needs to find a CTO? Learn the stuff yourself!

Engineers for the Greater Good (weekend-long event)

This bootcamp focuses on students designing and creating products with a clear social impact. Teams are given access to 3-D printing, other prototyping resources, and mentors to create and build products and business models within 3 days. Teams with the most promising designs, prototypes, and business plans are given money for further prototyping and product development. Areas of focus include mechanical systems, biomedical engineering, and software development.

Marketing Marines

Marketing Marines are a group of dedicated members who wish to help build and extend the reach of the Entrepreneurs Club. Marketing Marines brainstorm, foster, and execute marketing missions for the club.


BUILD is a national organization which strives to help low income high school students move onto higher education through entrepreneurship. The NU Chapter of BUILD sets out to create strong connections between NU students and low-income high school students in the Boston area.

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