About the Center

The Center for Entrepreneurship Education is a University-wide resource that integrates entrepreneurship and innovation courses, entrepreneurial Co-ops in early stage companies, venture incubation through our on-campus IDEA program, and venture funding and launch by helping our entrepreneurs network into the local angel and VC community. We serve undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and alumni from every College in the University.

Our Mission

Through experiential education, we empower students, faculty, and alumni from across the university to innovate, start new companies, and become leaders in the innovation economy.

Our Vision

Knowledge is an entrepreneur’s oxygen. It comes from many different sources. Our vision is to to synthesize classroom education, Co-op opportunities, and on-campus venture incubation to make Northeastern a hotbed for new venture creation. With over a hundred new companies in creationThe best learning is done on the job—with just in time support and direction from world-class educators and advisors who have successfully built companies.

Our “System” of Experiential Entrepreneurship Education

Integration by design where venture teams are flows from one part of the system to the next. We have more than a thousand students taking entrepreneurship and innovation classes at any given time, more than a hundred ventures in process, and last year, had seven ventures funded for an aggregated total of more than $6 million by local angel and VC investors. And the ventures come from students and alumni across all Colleges at Northeastern University.

Our History

The Center was started with the vision and financial support of alumnus Alan McKim, the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Clean Harbors, a leader in environmental services. Alan will tell you that his education at Northeastern was instrumental in his work to transform his small business of the early 1990’s into the multi-billion dollar industry leader that it is today. He asked Professors Dan McCarthy and Marc Meyer to create a plan to help young entrepreneurs and alumni to innovate new products and services, and then start new companies. Alan wanted us to leverage experiential entrepreneurship education across the entire University as well as to its legions of alums. And he has us to not just help create new companies, but to foster innovative, entrepreneurial thinking amongst all of our students so that they can help grow existing companies, whether here or abroad.