Endorsed Classes

The Entrepreneurs Club encourages professors across the university to integrate elements of entrepreneurship and innovation into classes in every major, from business to biology.

For a class to be E-Club Approved, the following criteria must be met:

  • Opportunity for students to synthesize new ideas for products, services or any creation
  • Mentioning about how business models can be applied to course concepts
  • Integrating group work and team collaboration into parts of the course
  • Endorsement from at least (3) EClub members and/or Executive Board members
Additionally, professors who have had entrepreneurial industry experience will be given additional consideration.

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ENTR 2320 – Business Model Design for Social Impact

College of Business Administration

Professor Gordon Adomdza

Most experts will agree that less than 10% of innovations developed for the poor actually reach them. The business school is offering a new course to bridge this gap. Students will work with deployment partners here in the USA and around the world, India, Ghana and Liberia, using design innovation process, to develop startup and growth business models for new and existing social innovations respectively. At the end of the semester, students may have the opportunity to secure 6-month local and international co-op positions to assist deployment partners as they implement business models developed in the course. This is a great opportunity for those who want to bring creativity and innovation to business, in helping the poor improve their livelihoods. Be sure to sign up for ENTR2320 next week! For more information contact Prof. Adomdza at g.adomdza@neu.edu

ENTR 2301 – Innovation!

College of Business Administration

Professor Gordon Adomdza

Offers students an opportunity to understand how technology gets transformed into new products and services. In today’s competitive global marketplace, innovation is the lifeblood of any enterprise. The guiding framework is a three-stage process that starts with creativity, leading to the design of a new solution, followed by implementation of that solution.

ENTR 3330 – Intro to Product Design for Entrepreneurs

College of Business Administration

Professor Tucker Marion

Designed to provide students with an introduction to technology and the fundamentals of product design. The product design life cycle is the main focus of the course. Subject areas are presented to the student in the same sequence that an entrepreneur might need when taking an idea for a technology-based product and moving through the stages of development to a commercialized product. Focus is on learning to identify a need, formulate a strategy for satisfying that need, and design products or processes for eliminating the need. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary to solve real-world technology-based design problems, to design products, to work in teams, to make informed ethical decisions, and to communicate through written and oral reports. Prereq. Sophomore standing or above.