Couture to Coach

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

We extend a big thank you to Polina Raygorodskaya, a serial entrepreneur, former model, and current CEO and Founder of Wanderu for joining us this evening! Sharing her passion for startups, she mentions the importance of selecting the right business partner, maximizing your resources, and most importantly, being passionate about your work.

Polina encourages, “Colleges have a ton of resources for research that you have to pay a lot for when you’re out of college. Use them now!”

Member of the Week

Brian Schwartz

Major: International Business (Finance concentration); Minor in International Affairs

What entrepreneurship means to him: Entrepreneurship to me, is having the courage to take risks. To be able to look at something and find a new way to do it. To not take no for an answer. To believe in your idea and to have the perseverance needed to embark on a journey where the odds are stacked against you. To sacrifice immediate gains for the potential of a greater net impact. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of innovation and growth in the global economy of today.

His Passion: Innovation is my passion. Innovative ideas are inspiring and exciting. Innovative people can motivate and influence those around them. Whether we’re starting innovative companies or working for them; Innovation is what drives our world forward.

His Interests: Shared Economy, Soccer (Seattle Sounders), Football, (Seattle Seahawks), Travel, Snowboarding, Hiking, Photography

His Future Plans: Ideal scenario: Running a successful company. More likely scenario: Working for a company that is a leader in its field.

Something interesting about him: I was a goalie for the US Youth Men’s National Soccer Team at the Maccabiah Games (Jewish Olympics) in Israel in 2009.


Founding Father

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

We extend a big thank you to Eric Paley, Managing Partner at Founder Collective, who shared with us the ins and outs of what VC really means and how it applies to startups. Emphasizing leveraging a network of trust and the importance of persistence in building out a venture, Eric stresses, “You believe. You’re an innovator. You see things others don’t see. You have to make VCs see what you see.”


Member of the Week

Brendan O’Connor

Major: 4th Year Industrial Engineering, Business Minor

What entrepreneurship means to him: To me, entrepreneurship is the very noble but challenging pursuit of truly making your own way in life. Personally, the end goal isn’t a specific number in my bank account, or a target company valuation, but to be free. “Money doesn’t buy happiness”  is a cliche we all know, but money does buy freedom, and it takes a whole lot more of your life to buy your freedom if you spend your time “working for the man.” Entrepreneurship is my path to freedom.

His Passion: Efficiency. As someone studying industrial engineering, we constantly focus so much on lean operations in every sense of the word. I get some sort of weird enjoyment out of tearing down a process (“micro” or “macro” processes, doesn’t matter) and redesigning them to save time, money, etc.

His Interests: Backpacking, Competition Shooting, Photography.

His Future Plans: GE Energy Technical Sales upon graduation, MBA, and a (hopefully!) successful business of my own as soon as possible.

Something interesting about him: Brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Eagle Scout.


Startup Skill Set

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Much thanks to to Co-Founder and CEO of Startup Institute, Aaron O’Hearn, who joined us tonight! Aaron’s main piece of advice to students who want to “work for, start, join, or otherwise thrust” themselves into a startup was to be three things: self-aware, a continuous learner, and a truth seeker.

Member of the Week

Kate Murdock

Major: International Business major and Spanish minor

What entrepreneurship means to her: Entrepreneurship is synonymous with passion, drive, and innovation. As a freshman, I am not yet an entrepreneur; I am here to learn. To me, entrepreneurship is about passion; the ability to have ideas and dedicate yourself to them. It is about the ability to learn from mistakes and opening yourself to change.

Her Passion: I have a passion for life. The little things are what excite me, be it an accomplishment in the classroom or an event with good friends. I enjoy learning, whether it’s making it through a book on python, or using duolingo to learn Spanish. Once I get an idea, be it a business interest or an event or gift for a friend, I cannot stop working on it.

Her Interests: My interests include foreign language (Spanish, Chinese and French), singing, and figure skating. I enjoy exercising, including Zumba and running.

Her Future Plans: I know that I want to work in business, preferably traveling a lot for work. I am also interested in web development.

Something interesting about her: I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve run a half marathon and sang with the Nashville Symphony. I also worked for the American Civil Liberties Union as the public education intern in high school.

Engineering Emotions

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Big thanks to GM of Twitter, Wayne Chang for joining us! Wayne spoke about engineering emotions and designing experiences your customers can’t help but tweet about.


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