Do you like oysters? Yep, we do too.

Looking for a way to apply what you’re learning in Marketing 101 to a real company? Interested by what you’re learning in Finance 101 or Accounting 101, but curious how it all works in the real world with real numbers?

Peeko Oysters is looking for interns to help with executing a variety of marketing and finance/accounting projects. From managing social media presence to drafting monthly newsletters to establishing and implementing a CRM. From maintaining bookkeeping (QuickBooks) to managing payroll to developing financial models to determining COGS and gross margins.

I’m willing to take the bull by the horns, even if I’m not 100% sure which horns I should be grabbing or on which bull. It’s about (efficient) effort.
I want to GSD. Not familiar with the acronym? See the next bullet. (Hint: think Urban Dictionary, not Forbes.)
I’m resourceful. Peeko Oysters is a very small company, so if you need guidance and hand holding for every minute detail, you’re better off at a larger corporation. If you’re comfortable with the idea that you know what the destination is, but how to get there needs to be figured out, then Peeko could be for you.
I’m trustworthy. My personal integrity is my highest priority.

Here’s a link to a recent article about Peeko Oysters that appeared in Edible Long Island.

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