Hometown Friends Reunite to Make a Difference: Meet the Bright New Faces of Northeastern’s Entrepreneurs Club

The new school year is coming in hot and with it comes a brand new executive board for the Entrepreneurs Club – Northeastern’s premier student-run organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial creativity. As the largest club on campus, E-Club is dedicated to ensuring that all of its members get the experiential learning so representative of Northeastern University in the business world. What’s more – the new president, Keith Corso, and the new vice president, Spencer Singer, came from the same small town in New York. Hailing from Chappaqua, a suburb about forty-five minutes north of the Big Apple, these two students have grand visions for the future of the club; I got in touch with them both to ask about their plans for the upcoming year – sure enough, they were well-equipped with some phenomenal ideas.

My first question to the two of them was about the way they’d like to see the club develop in the 2018-19 semesters, and both Corso and Singer commented on diversity within the club. “My vision for the Entrepreneurs Club going into the 2018-19 school year is that it becomes a more diverse and engaged group of students from all colleges within Northeastern University,” Singer claimed, “I believe there is a stigma about E-Club that it is just for business students, but entrepreneurs come from all disciplines and walks of life.”

Corso stated that it is the club’s responsibility to “ensure that all colleges within the university are well-represented,” adding that “the student body is equipped with a diversity of interests, backgrounds, and experience. Taking advantage of this diversity will enhance the quality and value of the Entrepreneurs Club.” Both students seemed excited at the prospect of creating a more inclusive, unique atmosphere for the club.

When I asked them how they planned to achieve this goal, they were once again confident in their responses. Singer plans to achieve his goal by “reaching out to members on a more individual basis,” and he mentioned that he believes it is “important to have an open line of communication for members to be able to speak with those in leadership positions.” Finally, he added that he “would like to meet with other clubs and foster a more fluid relationship with their members and those of E-Club,” and that the E-board is currently working on co-hosted events with other clubs to aid communication between disciplines.

Corso has his own plan to work towards this goal. He had this to say about building the strengths of E-club’s leadership and overall quality: “I would not be able to fulfill my goals for the club without the help of a great management team. Passion, dedication, and hard work are core competencies that you will find in every one of our board members. Understanding what our board members’ long-term goals are within the club, at Northeastern, and when they graduate is of utmost importance to us. We want to make sure we are setting our team up for success not only within the club but during their professional career as well.” The new president clearly understands the importance of hiring a great board to work with, and is certain that having a more connected, organized, and capable team will help him to accomplish any goal.

These aren’t the only changes to accompany the new executives, however; I asked them what some changes were that they would like to see in the way that the club is run, and they both had great plans for that as well. “As our main goal for the club moving forward is to integrate different disciplines across campus, we have set a cap on how many students from each college can be on the board” Corso stated. “This way, we will represent all colleges at Northeastern not only on the board but in our participants as well.”

Singer made mention that he “would like to see the club improve communication between members and the E-board. This is vital to improving the experience of members and ensuring their voices are heard.”

So, it seems that the 2018-19 school year is shaping up to be a great one for the Entrepreneurs Club! With both new leaders showing dedication, enthusiasm, and love for the field, the year is sure to be an innovative and exciting one. Keep your eyes peeled for future events integrating students from all across campus, and don’t be surprised if E-Club grows even bigger than it already is.

Keith Corso

Spencer Singer

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