Derek Shuster – Myoncampuschef

Derek Shuster who interned at Myoncampuschef as a Web Developer intern.

How was your overall experience working with MOC?

Working as a web developer for the company, I definitely improved my development abilities. Besides that, though, I learned a lot about the startup culture and the business/marketing side of a company, things I’d never worked with before. Overall, I had a great time and learned so much about every angle of a startup.

Did you go to CONNECT knowing a specific position or company you wanted to work for?

No! I just happened to see the event was going on in Curry and decided to check it out, and ended up meeting a lot of smart, interesting people with great ideas.

What skills have you developed working with a student lead start up?

I’ve learned a lot about working with other people and building new ideas together.

Were you able to manage your time effectively between your internship and your classes?

Yes, working with a student-run start-up really allowed for the other workers to understand if I had school conflicts and it ended up never being a problem. This would never have happened if I was working in a non-student led environment.

What kind of impact did you have on the venture when you joined? (new skills, ideas, solved problems, etc.)

I was able to bring my unique skill set to the team, and through that was able to tackle problems they weren’t sure how to solve. I was also able to lend a unique mindset which helped in the more creative processes we went through.

Sarah Wessel – Myoncampuschef

My overall experience has been great. Myoncampuschef is a great team to work with and they’ve made a big effort to teach me about everything I don’t yet understand. It’s been very rewarding to both contribute to the project and have a great learning experience at the same time.

I stumbled into CONNECT on accident. Derek and I had been volunteering at a different event. As we walked out we saw the event and decided to stop by since I was interested in entrepreneurship. We walked around the tables and Campus Chef caught my eye as a company with a really cool idea and great enthusiastic team. I was really amazed that they thought I would be able to contribute to the team as a freshman. Derek and I both signed up and have been working with them ever since.

So far I have learned a lot of really important Computer Science skills like web design, database management, and Git, which have been incredibly useful outside of the internship. I’ve since used these skills to build and host two websites on Git. Working with Campus Chef has also taught me some business and marketing skills.

I usually work eight to ten hours per week, so balancing time between the internship and classes can be difficult. Luckily, the Campus Chef team has been incredibly flexible with my schedule, letting me work whenever I’m free. If you’re doing something that you’re really interested in though, it isn’t difficult to do it on top of school.

The perk of working with such a small organization is that the work you do really does have an impact on the future of the business. I feel I’ve been able to make an impact on Campus Chef, both by working on projects like web design and by weighing in on decisions about which direction we should take the business.

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