The Strategy Fellowship at Frase is a part-time leadership program designed for students to experience different aspects of launching a startup company, with a focus on 3 areas: content marketing, sales, and customer-driven product development. The Fellowship is a form of experiential learning suited for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and looking to join a startup after graduation.  The Fellow will be given weekly and monthly goals, and will present insights to Frase’s management in a bi-weekly basis. The Fellows will receive formal training on multiple tools, including Hubspot, Trello, Slack, Google Analytics, among others. Frase is currently looking to work with 2 fellows, who will work together in these areas:
  • Marketing: write 1 weekly blog post following a content plan (3 hours/week)
  • Research: feed 25 qualified leads into Hubspot CRM per week (3 hours/week)
  • Sales: deliver 1 demo per week (1 hour/week)
  • Product: write all content using Frase, report bugs and new feature proposals via Trello. (1 hour/week)
  • Strategy: in person meeting with Frase team to share insights and track progress (1 hour every 2 weeks)
The program has a duration of 6 months and Fellows are expected to dedicate 10 hours/week on Frase responsibilities. The Frase Strategy Fellowship is unpaid, but students may receive academic credit, a letter of recommendation, networking opportunities and other forms of recognition.
More about Frase
At Frase, we are exploring the intersection of word processors and search engines to create a ‘Research Assistant’. Organizations produce, consume and collect massive amounts of unstructured data like blogs, white papers, presentations or emails. We envision a platform that will extract insights across many data sources, and contextually interact with the writer to help with research, creativity and productivity.
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