Demo Day - What's yo problem?

It’s that time of the year again, when you’ve eaten enough Rebecca’s sandwiches to feed a small village, Canada Goose jackets are buried in the back of closets, and the NU Entrepreneurs Club consumes your entire Facebook timeline featuring their flagship semester program, Demo Day.

What is Demo Day you ask? Only the greatest thing to happen to Northeastern since the cut of the 2009, 3-8 Huskies football team. Demo Day is a showcase of innovation run by the Husky Startup Challenge where 20+ unique ventures will be pitching their ideas to the greater Boston community. These pitches will then be evaluated and ranked by judges who will decide which top 4 ventures will receive awards.

demodayprevWhat do these ventures win you ask? How does $1,000 sound? Pretty good, huh? Well, times that by 5! That’s right, we are giving away $5,000 in cash prizes to the top 4 ventures that pitch, along with the audience favorite vote.

Still not convinced why you should go see over 20 ventures pitch their ideas? Here are 16 reasons that will change your mind:

  1. Ventures aside, this event was put on for every by an awesome team, one director specifically, John Puma, has personally assured to tell the ‘Best Joke Ever’… so stay tuned for that.
  2. We have 3 ventures with the word Green in their name…if that doesn’t scream innovation, I don’t know what does.
  3. Do you have a bunch of empty space in your house? We have a venture that will make you money
  4. Are you sick of going to a club or bar only to find out it is super lame? We have a venture that will prevent this from happening again.
  5. On the contrary, have you ever had an amazing night out, but only to have to walk home carrying your uncomfortable shoes? Not anymore, we have a venture for that!
  6. Love chocolate but hate the sugar that comes with it? Get ready to change that on April 11th
  7. New to Boston? Hopelessly lost on what to do besides duck tours and Mike’s Pastries? Stumble on over to 360 Huntington Avenue to hear from a venture that is about to change that
  8. Broke from…well, college? So are we. We have a startup who is looking to fix the college debt problem (and we’ll be serving free dinner!).
  9. Looking to be the next Eminem? Channel your inner Slim Shady on April 11th with an awesome game venture!
  10. Need to dress to impress but can’t find the signature touch of an Italian tailor? Demo Day will be featuring some stylish ventures.
  11. Are you a night owl who is sick of ordering another pizza when everything else is closed? Prepare to satisfy those late night cravings after the 11th.
  12. Love to cook? So do we. Suck at cooking? So do we. That’s why we have a venture who is changing the way online cooking websites work.
  13. Can’t afford a trip to Vegas? Find the next way to win big without leaving your couch.
  14. Do you have that one friend you always want to see more but can’t find the time to catch up with? Make more friends, come to Demo Day.
  15. Find more healthy drink options with the same taste and no high fructose corn syrup!
  16. Our keynote speaker, THE Bobbie Carlton, is a huge leader in entrepreneurship and female empowerment in the Boston community.

Everyone has a problem. We want to introduce you to some ventures that can solve yours. Come out to Demo Day on April 11th at 6pm in the Northeastern’s Curry Student Center to support entrepreneurship and have an awesome time.

Register for the event here.

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