5 Things College Students Should Learn From Diane Hassen:

Diane Hassen is the CEO of Startup Institute in her remarkable career she has explored and succeeded in the world of consumer marketing and consulting and also founded an adulated company named C-Space. We were honored to have her come in and talk to the Northeastern Community about everything entrepreneurship and there sure is a lot to take back!

Here are 5 things every student should know about:

You don’t always need to know what you want to do in life

After completing her undergrad at Tufts University she asked the question a majority of college students ask themselves “What is next” and did not have a definite answer for that. Fast forward a few years, as well established professional with an infectious entrepreneurial drive she was asked many times why she did not start a company and her response was “because I don’t have a single idea, I have fifty ideas surrounding my mind at a time.” So the point is that the best of entrepreneurs have their own journey to self discovery. You may not have answers to your life decisions out of college but the point is to try different things and find the right answer.

The Most Important Skill For Millennials:

Know how to sell, this could be anything from your resume to a product to a Business Idea. Diane believes that experience in Sales embeds essential skills for an entrepreneur at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. This makes sense because you probably start by selling your idea to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors and then grow to sell it to customers.

What Do You Actually Need From A Job

Testing waters in various industries in her early career Diane did not feel upset when she set her feet out of each of the places she worked since she always came closer to what she wanted from a job. You might earn all the money by being in a particular field but in the end, you want to work in a place that will miss you, a place that will see the value in you and a place where you do math that actually matters.

The Realities of Being An Entrepreneur:

There are many reasons people want to be an entrepreneur after all the concept of entrepreneurship has become significantly glamorized in the past years. People say they want to become an Entrepreneur to earn money but the fact is that you are going to live of ramen noodles for a while. Another reason is to be your own boss and have a work life balance but the fact is that you are going to have hundred hour weeks. So be an entrepreneur for something that you see a personal value in your life since that will give you the intrinsic satisfaction that no other job will be able offer.

The Most Challenging Thing In Starting A Company:

Diane said the most challenging thing was “to not quit.” As an entrepreneur you are going to be faced with hurdles in way in which you would have never imagined. The point is to not quit and carry perseverance in every new step you take as an entrepreneur in order to get past that hurdle.

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