IMG_2573 (1) At our last speaker series we were inspired by one of the most influential people in the Boston Startup community, Meredith Sandiford- The Executive Director of The Capital Network and Greenhorn Connect. The main topic of our speaker series was networking in the Boston Startup community.

The talk was filled with one on one Q & A and the students got a lot of advise from the speaker here are some of the best take aways from the speaker series.

Best ways to learn and grow skills in Boston: 

1. Go to Meetups, there is tons to do and you always meet new people who you can network with

2. General Assembly, it is not particularly for broke college students but it is a great solution to learn hard skills that will help you grow in your career

3. TechGen, they are affordable and innovative for giving unique sessions on various skills and career attributes useful for young professionals.

Best way to open up to networking: 

Go to Venture Cafe, a group of entrepreneurial people in a room that will make you want to talk about you ideas and show your intellect.

Her take on being an entrepreneur:

Go work for a startup when out of college to learn and experience all the ins and outs of running a business. There as tons of people and books that will suggest you how to start a business but there is no better way to learn than to get your hands dirty. So experience a startup before you start your own company!

Key lesson learnt: 

When you are looking how will you get your funding in place here is what she had to say…

If you need advise, ask for money. If you are asking for money, ask for advise.

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