DSC_0303 About the company: Cocomama is a new company producing unique food products with the main purpose of giving nutrient rich meals using ancient grains. They go beyond granola by adopting growing food trends such as Quinoa in their products  to stay ahead of the market and adopt rising consumer tastes and preferences in their offerings.

Inside Scoop From The Meeting:

The director of Brand Marketing at Cocomama Katie Prince shared her
DSC_0277 knowledge on the multi billion dollar food industry and the various ways new players in the market make their way to scalability. There was a great focus given to consumer personas and the importance of market research in building a viable product for your target market. Giving real examples from her work at Cocomama, it was a real world learning opportunity for students to see the importance of this process in the startup world.

Startups have various ways in which they could grow however they do have to prioritize their tasks effectively. Katie expressed her interest in expanding the importance of brand communication through design and named it one of the main priorities on her really long list.

Lesson Learn:

Be open to constructive criticism about your idea especially from your customers, it will be your greatest learning point that will help you out do your competition.

PS: This innovative company is looking for talented minds to work with them. They have unpaid internship experience with an invaluable experience to work in the start up and one of the largest industries in the world! Email Katie if you are interested: katie@cocomama.com

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