What is Art Lifting?

Art Lifting is a social venture out of Harvard University striving in creating value for homeless artists through the talent and skills they, themselves posses. After various ups and downs the company has proposed a new business model of social enterprise. Unlike most social enterprises, the company creates a social benefit through by making individual artists as the source for income and social good. The unique business model made it a bigger challenge for Liz to get funding for Art Lifting but the point was always to keep going.

Scoop from the speaker series:

DSC_0228Liz brought in some of her best artists to come and talk to us about their background and impact of Art Lifting in their lives. They sure were remarkably talented people believing in their art. As an entrepreneurial audience we understood the backgrounds, mindsets and of course talents of the users of the company. Making their living off the street at a point in time in life the artists are extremely appreciative of the transformation in their life that is created by Art Lifting.

Liz, being the CEO and founder of the company knew the background and struggles of the artists she has been working with. It helped us understand the importance of striving a deep relation with the people we will work with as entrepreneurs.

Biggest Learning:

Having investors believe in your idea is hard however it is more important to believe in it yourself and be flexible enough to improve it continuously.

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