This semester, among many other changes, the Entrepreneurs Club is focusing on exposing its members to a broader range of experiences and perspectives. One of those perspectives, is that of the female founder. Just to put it into perspective for you, eight of our twelve Tuesday Speaker Series founders are female. To mirror that, half of our Entrepreneur Dinner speakers are female founders as well.

From founding to funding, female entrepreneurs have seen it all, and in a different light than many of their male counterparts. Inc. points to “30 Surprising Facts About Female Founders” where the most surprising came in at #5, “Today, 18 percent of all startups have at least one female founder.” And while that number is very low, First Round Capital noted that, “founding teams with a female founder, performed 63% better than investments with only male teams.” So, with that, we’re bringing in female founders of small companies, large companies, the Venture Capital community and even names synonymous with innovation in Boston to give you a little taste of as much as we can when it comes to different types of female founders with as many different experiences as we can.


So… why are we making a conscious effort to bring you more female founders?

The quick answer? A change in perspective on what it means to start a company (and fund one, for the VCs in the house). It’s our job to bring the entire Northeastern community external education on entrepreneurship, and the best way of doing that is by bringing in many different perspectives. That’s why we’ve collected a wide range of female founders.

Liz Powers: Founder of Art Lifting

Kate Prince: Director of Brand Strategy of Cocomama

Zenobia Moochhala: Co-Founder of

C.A. Webb: Co-Founder of Assemble VC, previously Executive Director of the New England Venture Capital Association

Diane Hessan: CEO of Startup Institute and the Founder of C Space

Nicole Fichera: General Manager of District Hall

Polina Raygorodskaya: Co-Founder & CEO of Wanderu

Sarah Sherburne: Program Manager, New England Venture Capital Association & Tech Generation

This is a list of just some of the women we’ve asked to speak and who will talk about their companies, programs, difficulties, successes and journeys through a predominantly male innovation ecosystem. They’re all making some pretty big waves in their own way/industry. It’s a semester of perspectives and learning you won’t want to miss. The first? Liz Powers, Founder of ArtLifiting, more info here.

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