We’re trying something new in the Entrepreneurs Club… TechTreks. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s where we select local startups and collect a group of Northeastern students to visit their offices, meet their founders and hear from key employees about life in that company.

It’s a relatively new concept for us, but serves two very important missions of the club.

  1. Get off campus and into the Boston entrepreneurship community. We believe the content and events at Northeastern are important, but as an experiential institution, that lives in the heart of one of the top cities for entrepreneurship, we think we should take even more initiative to meet the great people in the greater community.
  2. Grow your professional network. It’s incredibly important to get off campus to meet young professionals. It gives you the opportunity to network, see life after college and collect contacts for future jobs.

The process is simple. We (the eclub board) contact local companies and ask them if they’d be available for a small group of students to visit their office. We select companies that hire students out of college and are known for their good culture, pack them into a few hours toward the end of their work day and then bring YOU!

Last week we visited Startup Institute, Jebbit & Mavrck on a 2 hour trek downtown. We met with Diane Hessan, the CEO of Startup Institute and her team, Tom Coburn the CEO and Founder of Jebbit and members of his team as well as Sean Naegeli, the Co-Founder and COO of Mavrck and his team. But that’s just a start, there are thousands more startups that we can (and will) meet. Keep a lookout for more events like this next semester.

We’ll see you in the spring!

                          Startup Institute                                                                Jebbit                                                                               Mavrck

Startup Institute Jebbit Mavrck

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