Demo Day was the culmination of the Fall 2015 Husky Startup Challenge. After 7 weeks of innovative ideation and incredible hard work we had 19 ventures pitching their ideas to a crowd of more than 300 people.

What made the evening extremely satisfying though was the thought that THIS evening was the start of the entrepreneurial careers for so many of our members. It was a sight of a truly healthy competition with each team supportive of the other. We had a genuinely engaged audience appreciative of every participant that came on to the stage to speak up. Through the Husky Startup Challenge we had neuroscience, math, computer science along with business majors all taking the initiative of solving their problem. Nothing makes us more happy than spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship through the entire campus community and debunking the stereotype of it being “business”.
When we talk about venture ideas, we had concepts ranging from customizable backpacks to improving real estate subletting.
The first place winner was the Startup Bloom Backpacks a solution for making back packs more customizable exactly to the taste of customers. They believe that when something carries so much that is personal why can’t it be more personal?
Following that we had a life
On third place we had a ground breaking venture that aims to reuse the 92% waste generated in producing beer as flour to make innovative bakery products. Along with some samples the venture demonstrated a form of green business.
Our audience favorite award went to My OnCampus Chef, this startup aims to create a social lifestyle around food on campus. The company connects students wanting to try cuisines to students ready to host a dinner of that choice.

The directors of the Husky Startup Challenge, Parshwa Khambhati and Blake Billiet went above and beyond the past 7 weeks in being resourceful mentors for ventures at the same time efficient organizers.

As the entrepreneurs club team we’ll always continue our efforts to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship growing because there are way too many problems out there to solve and there are way too many minds out there who have the potential to solve them.

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