In our last Tuesday meeting we had the CFO and co-founder of HourlyNerd come talk to us all about starting the incredible business.

Peter Maglathlin had a one-on-one conversation with us on thinking about solving a problem a very well established market, consulting. The company’s, main opportunity was the lack of consulting resources in the market for small and medium sized businesses. HourlyNerd then capitalized on this opportunity.


It all began as a class project in grad school and soon turned into a passionate subject for the team of 4 to build up. Peter had experience in the finance world but emphasized on how different venture capital and angel investing is to investment banking. The team travelled to San Francisco and other venture hubs to make a mark but it was a difficult battle. One fine day the team decided to write an email to Mark Cuban with their proposition and everything changed as they got a email 40 minutes later from Cuban with a proposal to invest. The proposal however had clauses that no company should ever agree to Peter said and thus sent back and email reasoning out why they would not accept the offer.

The next thing they knew was a 750,000 dollar check coming their way. It was indeed a test of the businesses knowledge and the ability for them to stand their ground and take the right decision.

HourlyNerd today is one of the most talked about companies disrupting a 120 billion dollar market. They have achieved satisfied customers, a skillful workforce in the years and are driving growth.

Seize every opportunity you have in front of you, you never know when luck has your back and you see a mail back from someone like Mark Cuban waiting for you in your inbox.

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