download (4)We had Casper visiting us this week! Casper is an online mattress company which claims to have the most universally comfortable mattresses that get delivered to you for free to you in a box! The company very conveniently compresses the mattress in a box and has it ready for use as soon as you open it! To top it all, Casper gives you a whopping 100-night trial and if you still don’t like it, go for a free refund!

Casper has answers to almost all the struggles that come with buying a new mattress and transporting it from the moving truck to your bedframe. The founder, Neil Parikh gave a eye-opening talk about the overall strategy of a budding company breaking through a very intensive mattress market with only a few key players. Well, for the start the company has completely revolutionized the mattress buying experience and thus created an impressive value proposition.

As students we got tips from a young entrepreneur on how to go about pitching. It was truly engaging hearing the company’s anecdotes with regard to venture capital funding followed by the do’s and don’ts. It was exciting seeing an engrossed and enthusiastic audience with rapid questions being fired every minute. It was probably one of the most organic and informative entrepreneurs club meetings and it is just the start!

Up next, a talk with Shea Coakley, the founder of LeanBox, and Johnny Fayad of New Grounds Food. Today in Behrakis 310 at 7!

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