This semester, the Entrepreneurs Club launched a new program, Code Red. One of the two program directors, AJ Horst, wanted to give you an inside look into the details behind this unique and exciting venture. Enjoy!

Code Red is a brand-new program launched this past January under the umbrella of the Northeastern University Entrepreneurs Club. My co-director Ze’ev Klapow and I meet with a group of students every Thursday to explore new ideas and technologies that are on the cutting edge of the software industry.

As two of the most visible developers in the Entrepreneurs Club, Ze’ev and I had an ongoing conversation last fall about how to attract more students interested in computer science to the club. Specifically, we felt that the message the club presented should be changed from “We want developers” to “We are developers.”

That’s where Code Red comes in. The program was designed to be a learning experience for everyone involved, not just on a technical level but also by simulating the entire process of participating in a software startup. Much in the same way that some kids grow up with ideas in their heads of forming a band and traveling the country or joining the NFL, we had this notion of cranking out code over pizza boxes and ping-pong tables and building the “Next Big Thing.”

Through Northeastern’s resources, we have been able to get ahold of the tools and toys that industry developers use, giving us access to the pieces needed to build apps. Even better, we get to do this in an atmosphere that’s less like a classroom and more like the opening scenes of The Social Network. Meetings so far have consisted of about a dozen of us working on creating new presentation software to use during Entrepreneurs Club weekly meetings. About half of our time is spent covering key topics in software development, like version control and API design, and the other half is spent breaking up into front-end and back-end teams to tackle the programming aspect itself.

And, of course, all of our time is spent joking around and enjoying ourselves. That’s an essential part of the development process, too.

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