The owner of Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, James DiSabatino, opened this week’s Entrepreneurs Club meeting with an interesting quote for the students to consider: “Don’t be afraid to fail. Mediocrity is worse than failure.” From this point, the tone of his entire presentation was set. While DiSabatino kept his talk with the students light-hearted and even comical at times, he maintained an underlying message that, no matter what, students with entrepreneurship in mind should always keep trying to progress forward.

DiSabatino had five main points that he made an effort to get across, beginning with the following: “You will inspire people around you.” He explained that while this might seem like something an individual can prepare for, it is not, and it is actually a very strange experience. Therefore, it’s important to be aware that it will happen and that it just needs to be taken in stride. Second, he pointed out that a business plan is really nothing more than an outline; in essence it is there to guide an entrepreneur, but not to dictate all of his or her actions. Following this, DiSabatino expressed how “entrepreneurship is a chess match”; an entrepreneur has to constantly be watching his opponents and prepare to outwit them if he is to succeed.

His two final points had the most impact. The first was that “you will experience what you believe is your darkest and your most euphoric moment on the same day.” From here he made an effort to point out that, in the world of entrepreneurship, things are constantly changing and an individual has to be ready for that if he is going to be able to see his idea through. With that in mind, DiSabatino brought his presentation full-circle, concluding with the point that kicked it all off. He said, “Mediocrity is worse than failure.” In essence, he encouraged the students of Entrepreneurs Club to work towards their goals and if they failed, that was alright, as they could always try again.

Check out the video of DiSabatino’s chat with us here! James DiSabatino Video

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