A brief overview of our meeting on January 29 with Jules Pieri, CEO and Founder of Daily Grommet:

Northeastern’s Entrepreneurs Club changed it up a little bit this week, choosing to have a question and answer or “fireside chat” with the club’s speaker rather than a presentation. Jules Pieri, the CEO and founder of the online marketplace Daily Grommet, was open to discussing her company as well as answering a number of questions posed to her in relation to beginning a startup, selecting products, and deciding when it’s time to launch and when it isn’t.

Pieri was very clear about one thing from the beginning: if an individual is going to start a company he or she needs to have a clear, attainable goal. After working for a couple of other major retail companies, Pieri was frustrated because, as she put it, “I would get mad because there were some great products in development that weren’t ever going to get to see the light of day because the companies weren’t willing to take a risk on a product that might not work out.” This is where the idea for what would eventually become Daily Grommet was born. Pieri was looking to give people a platform where their “risky” ideas could gain exposure, a location that would give undiscovered objects a chance to be discovered.

However, the challenge now is to decide what products will receive that opportunity. Once a day a new “grommet,” or product, is launched on the website. That means that seven out of over 150 objects will be chosen weekly, with new samples coming in every day. Pieri said, “If it’s something that has potential then we guide the company as best as we can. It often isn’t about being slick, but more-so about having a little background with the product, some idea of what will make it sell.” Some examples of products that Daily Grommet has helped launch are Bananagrams, Food Should Taste Good chips, and Fitbit.

To close, Pieri left the club’s aspiring entrepreneurs with this advice: “People want to support companies like Daily Grommet. They want to shape the world and they want to believe that they’re building businesses in response to this.”

Check out the video of our “fireside chat” with Jules!

“Fireside Chat” with Jules Pieri

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