As a student-oriented entrepreneurs club it would come as no surprise to anyone  that the club is budding with a number of individuals looking to start their own companies and create innovative products – and as soon as possible. Preston Turk, a sophomore studying entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, is one of these individuals.

A little background on Preston: he joined Entrepreneurs Club during his freshman year and was, as he said, “taken in by the energy of the people in the club. Everyone was doing something, creating something!” Being surrounded by all of this action had quite the effect on him; he quickly signed up for the Husky Startup Challenge (HSC), a biannual competition to create a product, design a plan for it, and then pitch it to a number of investors at “Demo Day” at the end of the semester. The winner of HSC receives a significant amount of money to launch their idea.

Preston was the winner of HSC in the spring competition of 2012, something he notes in a humble manner for such a significant accomplishment. When discussing what it was like to be there, he mentioned the atmosphere of the event before his success at it. “As a contestant, it’s very busy. You’re pitching absolutely nonstop; I probably pitched about 100 times. The experience of it is absolutely helpful and incredible.” So what is his product? The Stow-Away Lens Cap Holder, an attachment for the bottom of an SLR camera. He continued to be successful with this product even after HSC, launching it on and raising his pledged amount
of money.

As of now, Preston is working on raising money for his second project, the Lens Holster for Nikon. It functions exactly as its name implies- a medium-sized, non-bulky hip holster for photographers with multiple lenses who are sick of clunky camera bags (a video explaining this in more detail can be seen below.)

After this venture, Preston is unsure of exactly what he’ll do but he said, “I love product development and design, so I’d love to own my own business working in that field or work for a company in that type of department.” Based on his success thus far, we’re sure he’ll be able to make that happen.

Check out Preston’s products and a video of his Lens Holster for Nikon in action at

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