Northeastern University’s Entrepreneurs Club is ranked sixth in the world out of all student-led entrepreneur clubs and first in Massachusetts. The club’s members are individuals from a variety of majors with a myriad of interests. Nonetheless, each club member is intrigued by some aspect of entrepreneurship, whether he wants to create a startup or possibly work for one in the future. They come together once a week to hear the advice of a local entrepreneur, ask him or her questions, and network with both their peers and the speaker all in an effort to increase their knowledge of the field of entrepreneurship. To enhance this experience there is a weekly activity crafted around the topic the speaker will be discussing, and this activity is often introduced by the speaker herself. The club members then present their ideas to everyone else, and are able to receive thoughtful feedback from the speaker.

This week the club hosted Diane Hessan, CEO and Co-Founder of Communispace. She shared her insight into the challenges of the world of entrepreneurship, and also discussed a number of myths that she had heard upon founding her company only to later realize that the majority of them weren’t actually true.

Hessan opened her discussion by explaining that when crafting the idea of what eventually became Communispace, she had a specific goal in mind: she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Over the course of her presentation this was an underlying theme. It was a theme that was clear as she explained her experiences working for past companies and expressed her feelings that a brand really needed to understand its customers, not just think that it did. At her conclusion, she confidently stated that this goal had been achieved.

As the semester goes on NU Entrepreneurs Club will be uploading profiles of members, briefs of meetings, and updates about exciting ventures that some offshoots of the club are undertaking.

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