Tuesday, October 2, 2012

HUGE thanks to Dave Balter, CEO and Founder of extremely successful social marketing company, BzzAgent for coming out and speaking to us! With a nifty clicker in hand, Dave talked about being a “sponge and stone” and how that’s important for aspiring entrepreneurs. After his pep talk he went into the nitty gritty of BzzAgent and how it came about. The ups and downs were highlighted with some great jokes and laughs all around. Make sure to follow! @davebalter

In lieu of a recent $60 million donation to the business school at Northeastern, we decided to give our members a chance to tell us what they would do with the money and pitch to a hardball panel. The only rule, it has to be about entrepreneurship. Simple right? Well our members took creativity to a whole new level… Some thought of free froyo and a building for entrepreneurs to work and others thought of traveling pools and zero gravity sidewalks. Hey Aoun, these are some good ideas!

p.s. If you missed the meeting, no problem! Our meetings are going to be recorded starting with this meeting and uploaded onto iTunes U. Check it out and enjoy. Hope to see you next week when Andrew Kitzenberg speaks about Memory on HandRSVP here!

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