Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A big thanks to Chris Savage of Wistia for coming out this past Tuesday! Chris shared some pointers to live by in start-up world; “start early, live cheaply, and learn on the job”. From makeshift coffee makers to bedroom offices, Chris and his co-founder Brendan took a passion for video making and turned it into a successful business without the big bucks. Chris placed an emphasis on starting early and surrounding yourself with people who are just as passionate as you are! Follow Chris on twitter: @csavage

Before our awesome speaker had a chance to talk, we decided to give our members a chance to speak…about useless things. Weird, but true! We asked members to create groups of 4-5 people and give a 30 second pitch of a completely useless product. They did and we loved it! Spiderwebs and strands of hair are now on our top list of items to look for in the next start-up, or a business to create on our own.

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