Matt Voska

What entrepreneurship means to you: Entrepreneurship to me is the ability to live your passion and share it by selling it to the world.

Your Passion: Technology, Computers, Engineering. I have been interested in technology, specifically computers, for as long as I can remember and in elementary school, I realized I was pretty good at fixing problems with them, with that, I saw the opportunity for a business and started Voska Electronics in 2005 while going into sixth grade. It started out just occasionally helping out those in my neighborhood and expanded to over 100 clients in the Chicago NW suburbs. In the past three years, my business has become more than just a tech support company, I have commercial clients coming to me to streamline their computer systems and make their business run more efficiently. Before coming to Northeastern I hired my first employee to take care of my clients back in my hometown while I attract and service new clients in the Boston area. My services now include Technical Support, Consulting, and Systems Engineering and the business is doing better than ever!

Your Interests: Aside from academics and Voska Electronics, I’m involved in a research project with Professor Schirner on Automated Implementation of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems, IEEE, Entrepreneurship Club Engineers for the Greater Good and the Mark
y play Ultimate Frisbee or go flying.eting Marines, Air Force ROTC, and I occasionall

Future Plans:  I plan on becoming an officer in the Air Force and serving as either a pilot or cyber-warfare soldier for a period of time, then starting/continuing Voska Electronics with a focus on large firms doing cyber security.

Something interesting about you: I got my Private Pilot’s License last summer.

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