Working in support of students' educational and professional goals, the Enrollment Management division is charged with improving and enhancing the student's experience and relationship with the university. Within Enrollment Management are unique strategy groups who work collaboratively to achieve the university's goals in a manner that is consistent with the university's mission.

EM Leadership Team

The Enrollment Management Leadership Team (EMLT) meets on a monthly basis and is comprised of the Vice President's direct reports, each representing their respective departments within the division. This team facilitates the operational concerns of enrollment management, including budget and finance, performance management, staffing and employee retention as well as training and professional development.


Yield Strategy Group

The Yield Strategy Group is comprised of representatives from various Enrollment Management divisions as well as undergraduate colleges and departments across the institution. This group meets on a monthly basis to provide updates on each area's upcoming programming and initiatives and works collaboratively to carry out the goals and mission of the university through the enrollment and recruiting process.


Enrollment and Aid Strategy Group

The Enrollment Aid Strategy Group consists of members from Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Services, Enrollment Marketing, and Enrollment Research who work collaboratively throughout the year to meet undergraduate student enrollment goals. Through detailed data analysis, research and planning, the group proposes and implements strategies to attract, enroll, support and retain highly qualified students for all full-time undergraduate programs.