The Enrollment Management division at Northeastern University is continually looking for new and meaningful ways to create an exciting and innovative educational experience for students. Below are a few of the recent projects and initiatives spearheaded by members of the Enrollment Management division.

Evolution of Visitors Center Experience

The Visitors Center, where the Northeastern journey begins for many students and families, is one of the key locations of our campus. Over the last several months, a project team has been researching new and innovative ways to create a unique experience for each visitor who walks through the doors. The goal of this project is to create a visit that immerses prospective students and families into a personalized, experiential, and engaging experience, signifying the unique educational experience offered at Northeastern University.

New Undergraduate Admissions Website

In February 2016, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions launched a new undergraduate admissions website. The revamped website provides a personalized web experience by allowing prospective students, admitted students, parents, and guidance counselors to create a profile that will customize the homepage dashboard to the user's interests. The result is a more engaged and personalized website journey that helps site visitors better explore all that Northeastern has to offer. Check out the site at


A new academic option designed specifically for rising sophomores, NUterm gives undergraduates a valuable pathway to customize their own learning experience. By taking advantage of NUterm, students can add research or global study to their resume, explore intriguing new subjects and gain flexibility in their degree program. Concurrent with the Summer I semester (May - June), this program allows students to earn up to 8 academic credits and are supported by our financial aid commitment. Learn More