Northeastern University

Joshua Olejarz

Dual Major in English and Cinema Studies, class of 2010

Joshua Olejarz

“I can't imagine graduating without the work experience I now have from co-op.”

Joshua Olejarz ,a graduating senior with an English/Cinema Studies dual major, has taken full advantage of the co-op program to explore his interests while gaining professional experience, working in three co-op positions during his time at Northeastern. In addition , Josh has also been involved in campus activities, serving as Editor in Chief of Spectrum literary magazine, and a Writing Center consultant.

Josh’s first co-op, as a sophomore in 2007, was as an Office Assistant at Allied Advertising (now Allied Integrated Marketing), a Boston based company which serves the film industry. As an entry level employee, Josh maintained computer and paper databases of advertisements for major motion pictures, and aided in the transition from paper to electronic ad archives.

In 2008, Josh moved to New York City while on co-op to work at Rainbow Media as a Production Assistant for WeTV. In this position, Josh worked with producers to ensure video quality, and further developed his administrative skills tracking monthly invoices and budget accruals for producers and editors.

In 2009, Josh worked as an editorial assistant for Harvard Business School Publishing, working in Editorial and Instruction Design on multi-media learning programs for corporate training.

Since his graduation in the spring of 2010, Josh has accepted a Production Assistant position with the Penguin Group publishing company in New York City. We wish him well for a successful and fulfilling future.