The Writing Center

Two locations!
Advanced appointments: 412 Holmes Hall
Same-day appointments: 136 Snell Library


The Northeastern University Writing Center is open to any member of the NU community and exists to help any level writer, from any academic discipline, become a better writer.

At the Writing Center, our consultants can help with any aspect of your writing, including:

  • Understanding a Writing Assignment or Prompt
  • Conceptualizing and Brainstorming
  • Planning and Outlining
  • Research and Citations
  • Organizing and Restructuring Writing
  • Drafting and Revising
  • Composing Better Introductions and Conclusions
  • Demonstrating Effective Editing Techniques
  • Developing Reading and Note-Taking Strategies
  • Document Design
  • Developing Presentations
  • Incorporating Images
  • Developing Multimedia Projects
  • Professional Writing (Cover Letters and Resumes)

To learn more about the Writing Center, use the navigation links to the left. You may also call us at 617-373-4549.