Registering for Classes

When and how can I register?

Students are responsible for registering for classes each semester. Selecting and registering for classes is relatively straightforward under the Banner system, which you access through myNEU. To register, go to the myNEU web portal ( Log in using your myNEU Username and myNEU Password (or click on “How do I get a myNEU username and password?” if you have never used the system before). Click on “Self-Service,” then click on “Course Registration.” Follow the onscreen prompts.

Your Time Ticket Schedule determines when you can register. Time Tickets are based on your current earned hours and the last two digits of your NUID. For information about the Time Ticket system and about using Banner, see the Register’s webpage.

Please bookmark these sites, as you’ll find them useful every semester.

How can I get into a closed course?

You should register for required English courses as soon as possible. Also, you must complete “I am here”  in order to prevent the purging of your schedule. English department class sizes are limited, and you won’t be able to get into a class that is closed unless you are a senior in your final semester and need that course to graduate. Please contact Faculty Advisor Prof. Beth Britt  ( if you need to get into a closed ENGL course or Ms. Linda Collins ( if you need to get into a closed AWD course. (Note: Individual faculty members cannot allow you into a class by signing a closed course admit form.)