Mya Poe

Mya Poe

Assistant Professor of English, Ph.D. University of Massachusetts
(617) 373 – 3966
405 Holmes Hall

Personal Narrative/bio

Mya Poe is assistant professor of English at Northeastern University. Her research focuses on writing assessment, diversity, and writing in the disciplines. She is co-author of Learning to Communicate in Science and Engineering: Case Studies From MIT, which won the CCCC 2012 Advancement of Knowledge Award for the publication that most advances research in writing studies. She is also co-editor of Race and Writing Assessment and co-editor of the Oxford Short Guides to Writing in the Disciplines series. She is currently working on a book entitled The Consequences of Writing Assessment about the effects of writing assessment on diverse students and guest editing a special issue of Research in the Teaching of English on international writing assessment and diversity.

Research areas and interests

  • Writing across the curriculum
  • Writing assessment
  • Writing studies methodologies
  • Scientific writing
  • Race, ethnicity, linguistic diversity

Works in progress

  • The Consequences of Writing Assessment: Assessing the Writing of Diverse Students
  • Special issue of Research in the Teaching of English: “International Perspectives on Writing Assessment and Diverse Student Populations”
  • The Oxford Short Guides to Writing in the Disciplines series. New York: Oxford UP. (co-editing with Tom Deans)
  • Legal analysis in investigating the effects of writing placement on diverse students: Disparate impact analysis as opportunity for self-study (with Norbert Elliot, John Aloysius Cogan Jr., and Tito Nurudeen)
  • What’s in the air ends up on the page: Uptake and racialized representations in writing assessments
  • Mentoring and the development of graduate student expertise in biomedical engineering (with Neal Lerner)
  • Mapping the locations of graduate student writing in science and engineering  (with Neal Lerner and Jennifer Craig)


Selected Publications (selected since 2010)

Guest edited the Feb. 2014 special issue of Research in the Teaching of English on the topic “Diversity and International Writing Assessment.” RTE is the flagship research journal of NCTE.

Lerner, N. & Poe, M. (forthcoming). Writing and becoming a scientist: A longitudinal, qualitative study of three science undergraduates. In M. Curry and D. Hanauer (Eds.) Applied linguistics and literacies for STEM: Founding concepts, methodologies and research projects. John Benjamins Publishing Company. *invited

Poe, M. & Scott, M. (forthcoming). Writing, lifelong learning and social mobility. In E. Jakobs and D. Perrin (Eds.) Handbook of Writing and Text Production. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. *invited

Poe, M. (forthcoming). Fairness and race in digital writing assessment. In D. DeVoss and H. McKee (Eds.) Digital Writing Assessment and Evaluation. Logan, UT: Utah State UP (Computers and Composition Digital Press). *invited

Poe, M. (2013). Research on multilingual writers in the disciplines: The case of biomedical engineering. In S. Canagarajah (Ed.) Literacy as Translingual Practice: Between Communities and Classrooms. (pp. 170-181). London: Routledge. *invited

Poe, M. (2013). Re-framing race in teaching writing across the curriculum, Across the Disciplines, 10(3). Available at
(Special issue on Anti-Racist Activism: Teaching Rhetoric and Writing

Inoue, A. & Poe, M, Eds. (2012). Race and writing assessment. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. Reviewed in Assessing Writing (18, 2013, pgs. 239-240); The Journal of Writing Assessment (Jan. 2013); Teachers College Record (June 21, 2013).

Inoue, A. & Poe, M. (2012). Racial formations in two writing assessments: Revisiting White and Thomas’ findings on the English Placement Test after thirty years. In N. Elliott and L. Perelman (Eds.) Writing Assessment in the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of Edward M. White. (pp. 343-361). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press. *invited

Poe, M., Lerner, N. & Craig, J. (2010). Learning to communicate in science and engineering: Case studies from MIT. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Reviewed in Across the Disciplines (Nov. 2010); Writing Lab Newsletter (Sept. 2010); Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (Summer 2010); Choice “Outstanding Title” (48-0830: 2010).


Advancement of Knowledge Award, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Received for Learning to communicate in science and engineering: Case studies from MIT, 2012.
One award presented annually for the empirical research publication in the previous two years that most advances writing studies.

Keynote speaker at the Lehman College symposium, “Tracking Changes: A Cross-Disciplinary Symposium on Teaching Writing at Lehman College,” Jan. 24, 2014.

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Mya Poe CV (PDF)