Annual Review

The annual review serves as a time for students to check in with advisors regarding progress in the program and to address any questions or concerns the students or advisors may have about course work, progress to the degree, development of teaching, research, and writing skills, intellectual interests, and/or other aspects of the program. It is also an opportunity to discuss with the advisor short- and long-term plans for completing the program.

Deadlines: Students should plan to meet with advisors in February, and advisors should plan to submit the Annual Review Form to the GSC no later than the second Monday following Spring Break.

Prior to the meeting, the student will be asked to provide the following materials to the advisor in electronic format:

  • Annual Review FormRequired for all matriculated students
    A completed copy of the Annual Review Form. On this form the student and the advisor will be asked to provide a narrative of work over the past year, an account of plans for the coming year, and a summary of the meeting outcomes.
  • Degree timeline –  Required for all matriculated students
    A completed copy of the student’s degree timeline form, available below and on the forms website.

  • Unofficial transcripts – Required for students taking course work or holding an “I” grade in one or more classes
    Available via myNEU. Print as PDF.
  • Written workRequired for students taking course work
    A copy of the strongest seminar paper or other written work the student has completed in the past year.

The advisor will review these materials prior to the meeting. At the meeting, the student and advisor are asked to do the following:

  • Review the materials given the advisor and discuss progress over the past year.  In particular, the student may want to address any concerns he or she or the advisor has about the substance of the work (writing skills, research areas, field focus, professionalization, teaching) as well as the completion of expected milestones
  • Discuss plans for the coming year (may include courses to be taken, exams to be completed, post-commencement plans to develop and pursue, dissertation chapters to be completed, etc.)
  • Work with the advisor to craft a specific plan for work moving forward; the plan should address both the substance of the student’s intellectual interests and required milestones (exams, etc.).

After the meeting, the student should complete any revisions to the Annual Review Form that were discussed with the advisor in the February meeting. Once the advisor has received and reviewed these changes and completed his/her section of the form, the Annual Review Form will be sent to the GSC for a final review and will be filed in the student’s department file.

Last Updated: January, 24, 2014